10 Things We Learned From Twin Peaks: The Return Part 15

Feed your head.


We are returning now.

In Part 14, we returned to the woods, travelling through the mystical Pacific Northwestern hinterland via gorgeous, sweeping drone footage. Deputy Andy Brennan, sobbing sap, returned to a place of bravery and kindness. He was chosen as the agent of the White Lodge by The Fireman for confronting the swirling vortex with perfect courage. The FBI, through copper wires, returned to the town of Twin Peaks. The female characters, whose struggle and intrepidity was always central to the heart of the series but were maligned as objects in the immediate, violent wake of Part 10, returned to a position of agency. Tammy Preston passed a posing Blue Rose test. Lucy Brennan's powers of intuition led to the arrest of Deputy Chad; meanwhile, a (possible) flash forward framed her as a key investigative figure in the central mystery - a long way indeed from the dolt, trapped in amber, terrified of mobile phone technology.

Sarah Palmer, in that hour's incredible standout scene, reacted to the imminent threat of sexual violence and years of personal tragedy by ripping the throat out of her oppressor under either the possession of - or having channelled - a terrifying supernatural entity. The beautifully ambiguous scene was a dramatically incredible parable for the cyclical nature of abuse, as well as the difficult emotions generated by vigilante justice. It was its own return to the moral complexity of Fire Walk With Me.

Did we, in part 15, witness the most crucial return of all?


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