10 Things We Learned From Twin Peaks: The Return Part 9

In which Twin Peaks doesn't have to TELL us how good it is - but elects to show off all the same.


Normal service has resumed. After the mind orgy of Part 8, with its visual art origin story, we return to both the modern day and a traditional narrative mode.

"Normal", of course, is the snarky punchline here. In this - a plot-heavy hour of television in which your hand is held with an avuncular comfort (maybe even at times a stern grip) by the two old masters - they still make time to visit a stoned/scrambled Jerry Horne, still hopelessly lost in the woods. In a sublime bit of bait and switch direction, the camera captures Jerry from a low angle. For a heart-stopping second, it appears the THC/malevolent woodland forces have steered him to a cliff edge. He shivers and shakes, unable to bring himself to look down.

As it happens, he is merely preoccupied with his foot. Or not: a trembling, almost Disney-cute voice emanates from beneath him to confirm that what he is looking at isn't what it seems. "I am not your foot," it wobbles. Whatever it is, Jerry wants no part of it, attempting to forcibly remove it from his shin. "Go away!" he cries. He only succeeds in going a*se over t*t in slapstick fashion. This could be a protracted indulgence into physical comedy territory, or Jerry Horne could be a potential conduit between the two worlds of Twin Peaks.

There is much else we now do know...


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