10 Things We Need In Stranger Things 3

How Stranger Things can stay ahead of the pop culture curve...


When the first season of Stranger Things was gearing up for release in July of 2016, it was with little buzz or fanfare. But then, the series became an overnight sensation and one of the biggest success stories in Netflix's history. Season two was a similarly large hit, catapulting the show to even greater heights.

Now, as season three begins filming, it is shrouded in the kind of mystery generally reserved for event films from the Star Wars or Marvel franchises. Aside from a few fresh casting announcements and confirmations of which characters will be returning, very little is known about the upcoming season.

Which is all the more interesting because the show finds itself in a very precarious position. The world of pop culture around Stranger Things has now caught up, with seemingly everything suddenly being interested in cultivating that '80s retro aesthetic. Stranger Things now risks feeling outdated in the subgenre it helped kickstart if it doesn't play its cards right. Season three has to walk the fine line of capturing the essence of what made the show so special to begin with, while also updating it and taking it in brave new directions.

So with all of that in mind, these are the things Stranger Things needs to focus and deliver on in season three.


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