10 Things You Didn't Know About Sarah Wayne Callies

3. She Persuaded The Writers To Kill Lori

Whether you were a fan of Lori Grimes or not, her death was undeniably gruesome, heart-breaking to watch, and really just an overall grim scene to endure, as her unborn baby was removed from her, before bleeding to death, and being shot through the head by her own son to prevent her from the 'zombification' process. Lori dies in the comics, after being shot while holding baby Judith, but her death in the show came as a total surprise for maximum shock value, though the writers needed Callies to convince them to do it. She told an interviewer she wasn't scared of dying in the show, though she was convinced it would happen eventually, and told EW: "You certainly don€™t take a job on a show called The Walking Dead knowing your character gets iced in the book and think, 'I'm safe'. Frank Darabont and I argued about this several times, because he wasn€™t sure he ever wanted to get rid of Lori. I fought with him about it. I said, €œYou have to. Lori€™s death does something to Rick that you cannot do any other way. Eventually, you€™re going to have to do it.€

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