10 Times Lost Said F**k You To The Fans

Unexplained mysteries, ridiculous storylines and unforgivable plot holes.

Lost wasn't the easiest show to be a fan of. There'd be confusing story detours, producer promises that weren't lived up to and mysteries set up with no attempt of giving a satisfying answer. If you can bear it, think back through the ten worst times when the show gave the middle finger to all the fans. The mystery of the show is what lured the audience in to begin with. But six seasons in, every question answered would be rewarded with ten more, and it's understandable that fans got irritated with the show before the end, many losing faith in it all together before the finale. Although Lost kept the story moving with new characters and plot twists, various plot holes developed throughout the ever-changing storyline to the point where some ideas just seemed ridiculous. This list highlights ten times the makers of Lost insulted the fans€™ loyalty and intelligence by stretching the show past its limit. It includes the lack of explanations for mysteries that claimed your attention from the very beginning, distracting storylines that created pointless scenarios that added nothing to the story, and occasions where it was clear the creators were just making it up as they were going on.

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