10 Times The Worlds Of Doctor Who And EastEnders Collided

Get outta my TARDIS!

EastEnders turns 30 years old this week and it's the prerogative of a Doctor Who fan to somehow make it all about us. It's true that Doctor Who and EastEnders have quite a fair bit in common, though. They're both long running dramas, for starters (although obviously one of them has been running longer than the other... *ahem*....), and as such they've become two of the BBC's most formidable flagship franchises. What's more, characters in EastEnders have even been known to regenerate, too. How many times has a character left and come back again with a new face? See, it's not so different from Doctor Who after all... After three decades on our screens, Albert Square has played host to a plethora of acting talent and many of its stars have popped up in Doctor Who over the years, too. As well as both shows making passing references to each other (the Tenth Doctor once alluded to the soap's tradition of jinxing Christmas by saying it's going to be the best one it's ever seen, while an EastEnders character once attended a Doctor Who convention), many of Walford's iconic residents have had liaisons with the Time Lord in his own universe and it's these such encounters that are being commemorated on this list. Of course, there's an abundances of EastEnders alumni who have appeared in Doctor Who so not all of them have been made it to the list. These include Monna Hammond, Leslie Grantham, Raji James, Rudolph Walker, Nina Wadia, Tom Ellis, Jamie Foreman, Rory Jennings and Lindsey Coulson. Hell, even Dot Cotton herself, June Brown (above), left her mark on the Whoniverse as Lady Eleanor in the 1973/74 Third Doctor serial The Time Warrior. And there you were thinking she'd never left that laundrette... So, as EastEnders prepares to go live, here are 10 times its world has collided with Doctor Who, from guest actors, passing references and the odd charity crossover - *gulp* - along the way. Did anybody else just hear a 'doof doof'?

Doctor Who Editor
Doctor Who Editor

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