10 Truly Terrible Movies From The Game Of Thrones Cast

10. The Forest - Natalie Dormer

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Rotten Tomatoes score: 9%

Westeros' much-married Queen Margaery seemed like one of the better bets for movie stardom from the Game Of Thrones cast, but that's not going to come from her dual role as sisters in this horror dud, released and then quickly forgotten in the studios' January dumping ground. Well known as the release date where bad horror goes to die, The Forest's reviews suggested a movie that was a failure even by the standards expected of a film in that slot.

Conceived by Batman V Superman writer David S. Goyer, who wondered why the real-life tragedies of a Japanese suicide hotspot hadn't yet inspired a culturally insensitive fiction film with white people, The Forest went through three more writers without finding any originality, narrative thrust, or, crucially, scares.

Dormer herself, at least, emerged relatively unscathed, managing to do her best with some pretty thin material, and at least making her two characters feel like discernibly different people.

They said: "It quickly devolves into convoluted hokum that produces more laughs than scares." (LA Times)


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