10 TV (And Movie) Mysteries That Desperately Need Closure

9. What Happened To Earth? - Cloverfield

Cloverfield Matt Reeves and J.J. Abrams' brilliant monster movie concludes with the titular monster absolutely ravaging New York City, and as the military move in to strike the monster down, the found footage cuts to black, with protagonists Rob and Beth (presumably) dying in the ensuring destruction. For many, it's presumed that Clover is finally felled by the Hammer Down protocol, but an interesting scramble of radio static in the credits appears to say "It's still alive" when played in reverse. Basically, if Clover does survive the Hammer Down attack, then what the Hell happens next? Does Clover just continually way laste to Earth until there's nothing left? Do some creature buddies dive out of the ocean to help? Does the military finally manage to wear him down? Or what? If Cloverfield 2 ever does happen, then we just might find out.

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