10 TV Characters We Have A Massive Crush On (But Really Shouldn't)

8. Faith Lehane - Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Oh Faith. Faith, Faith, Faith. Faith's tank tops will go down in history. She is the perfect antidote to Buffy's wholesome slayer. Her ethos of "want, take, have" embodies both her disregard of authority and ability to draw people in her with self-confidence. She showed us, and Buffy, that being a slayer could be fun, although her carefree attitude exposed how little she took the role seriously. Sadly all this excitement was just a thin veil over a multitude of emotional problems. Faith has serious self-worth and trust issues so would probably destroy you even before she got a taste for big knives. When she kills a human thinking it's a vampire she goes into denial and falls into a downward spin until she ends up teaming up with the evil Mayor. Yet her relationship with the Mayor is far from evil in itself. If anything, this side-switch reveals her vulnerability and showed that all she ever needed was some love and affection. It's just too bad that Buffy didn't get in there when she had the chance, because I'm sure that's a power couple we'd all like to see.

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