10 TV Characters Who Will Be Killed Off In 2020

The Grim Reaper is looming large for these fan favourite TV characters.


Anybody else still getting used to being in 2020? It still feels strange to write, type or even say 2020, and it's for sure going to take some getting used to before 2020 begins to feel like the norm. But for certain TV characters, 2020 may well come to an end before it ever really even gets going.

The landscape of television is an ever-changing one, and part and parcel of that changing landscape is the fact that characters come and go - and usually the 'go' involves a spectacular or shocking demise.

So many of our favourite TV shows have never shied away from killing off a beloved character, and 2020 could shape up to be a huge year for major TV deaths. With several shows confirmed to be coming to an end or certain actors due to depart such shows, speculation and logic mean that some of the characters we'd come to know and love may be entering their final days.

With all of that in mind, then, here are ten big-name TV characters who may well be killed off as 2020 progresses.


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