10 TV Deleted Scenes That Would Have Improved Their Shows

When the best parts are chopped.


Just like the movies, most TV shows have a wealth of footage left over once shooting has wrapped up. It's down to the showrunner and the directors to decide what gets left on the cutting room floor, and admittedly most of the time it is filler content that's best left unseen.

Scenes are usually scrapped for a leaner runtime or for creative purposes, but whatever the reason, the fans often get to see them when the Blu-ray box set arrives in stores, or they leak onto the internet.

TV deleted scenes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from extra gags in sitcoms to bonus battles in action-driven dramas, and on rare occasions, they're no less compelling than the material in the final cut - and some would even have enriched the show in question.

Although unused footage isn't quite as prevalent in the world of television, compared to the film industry, there are plenty of must-see deleted scenes from your favourite programmes that have found their way online, and some of them might even change the way you view the entire show.


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