10 TV Shows DC Should Make Next

What's next after Titans?


DC is no slouch in the TV department as fans are spoiled for choice right now, what with the Arrowverse and Black Lightning on The CW and other series like Fox's Gotham peppered elsewhere. Things are about to get even more amazing for DC lovers, however, as the company is set to launch its own streaming service that will produce a bunch of brand-new DC TV shows to enjoy.

So far the shining jewel in its crown is Titans, which will finally bring the super-teen team to life in live-action. Recently, Metropolis - a Superman prequel focussing on Lois Lane and Lex Luthor - was also announced. Both are expected to arrive before 2018 is out. And you can bet there will be plenty more where they came from.

But what other DC shows would fans most like to see next, either on this streaming service or from old faithfuls like The CW or Fox? From famous properties to undervalued heroes who deserve a big break, here are a few pitches for some possible DC TV series that, if the world were at all fair, would be going in front of the cameras very soon.

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