10 TV Shows That Killed Characters Unexpectedly Early

That's a nice beloved character you've got there. Be a shame if something happened to them.


There’s little better in entertainment than a gripping and well written character. When TV writers can create someone who keeps audiences attached to their series, either through undying love or bitter hatred, they can well and truly play with our emotions.

The deaths of these characters are always impactful, often being used to round off a season, or even the show as a whole. There’s build up, suspense and anticipation, and in a way the viewer can mentally prepare for the gut-punch that’s in store.

Sometimes, however, writers like to take a different approach. The entries on this list are characters who died completely unexpectedly and seemingly far earlier than they deserved. Most of these even died within the first season, or even the first episode that they were introduced.

Whether this was done for unceremonious realism, shock value, because of behind-the-scenes difficulties, or to warn of little to no plot armour, these deaths had viewer jaws dropping across the world. None of us were ready.

Reader Beware: Spoilers Ahead (obviously.)


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