10 TV Shows That Were Doomed From The Start

1. Heil, Honey I'm Home

heil honey
British Satellite Broadcasting

Literally the worst thing that€™s ever happened to television (and I€™'ve witnessed human gonad Terry Christian try to be a TV presenter), Heil Honey I€™'m Home was presented on the UK€™'s fledgling satellite TV in September 1990, and only one episode was ever actually broadcast€. So if you€™'re one of the very few who actually saw the damn thing on that fateful Sunday night, then you win 350 Internet Points and a toaster.

The gloriously trashy premise saw traditional American couple Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun living next door to a Jewish couple, the Goldensteins, and hijinks ensuing through Hitler€™'s inability to coexist with them. The whole thing was intended to be a satire on 1950s US sitcoms, not to trivialise Nazism, the Holocaust or Britain€™s war heroes. Naturally, the satire was too heavy-handed to penetrate or amuse, leading the show to trivialise Nazism, the Holocaust and Britain€™s war heroes.

Eight episodes in all were planned for the series, none of which made it to air except the pilot. Whispers fly around to this day that all eight were completed and that they still exist somewhere, but that no machine built by man will play them.

Known throughout television as the most tasteless attempt at a sitcom in history, apologists for the show have tried to build the case that it€™'s really not all that bad because the crassness and stupidity of the concept were a legitimate part of the comedy. Of course, that defence relies on comedy being a legitimate part of the comedy as well, and Heil Honey I€™'m Home is a stranger to the chuckle.

Agree with these picks? Want to come to a show's defence, or have one of your own to share? Let us know in the comments.

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