It seems almost criminal, when we see good, quality entertainment unfairly get the axe after only a season or two. With network television as dependent on numbers as they are, it’s difficult for them to give a show time to develop and attract viewers. If it’s not an instant hit, most networks will cancel it without a second thought.

But for every Firefly or Pushing Daisies, there are shows that don’t seem to be physically able to get themselves cancelled. They have a natural immunity, and year after year you have to stare at the screen in amazement and wonder how the hell these shows haven’t been cancelled yet. In some cases, it’s genuinely bad material that appeals to the lowest common denominator. But it’s almost worse when it’s a formerly great show that has run out of momentum, but for whatever reason the network wants to squeeze the last bit of juice to try and get a better syndication deal.

Whatever the reason, here are some shows that overstayed their welcome on our TV sets.

10. That 70′s Show


When Fez is dating Jackie and Tommy Chong becomes the best thing about your television show, it’s truly a sign of the coming apocalypse. With Eric and Kelso being written out of the show so that their real life counterparts could pursue their burgeoning film careers (Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher…hindsight can be funny that way), any mojo the former teen hit still had quickly disintegrated.

In an ensemble cast, you can sometimes get away with one or more of the main characters heading off for greener pastures. You introduce new characters or shuffle the ones you have around. It doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a try. In the case of That 70′s Show, however, the idea was doomed before it even started. With so much of the plot revolving around Eric, and so much of the show’s appeal revolving around Kelso, there was really no way to salvage the show without the two of them.

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This article was first posted on June 22, 2013