10 TV Shows You Didn't Realise Were Set In The Same Universe

5. Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies, And Hannibal


Bryan Fuller is one of the most brilliant creative minds on television, and it's highly implied that all of his shows share the same world, which fans have dubbed the Fullerverse. 

First of all, there are several characters from Bryan Fuller shows who have popped up on other shows in the Fullerverse. In Hannibal, the character of Gretchen Speck-Horowitz appears in an episode, and she originated in Wonderfalls. Marianne Marie Beetle also was a Wonderfalls character, and she showed up on Pushing Daisies years later.

Then there are references to fictional companies, like how In an episode of Pushing Daisies a character makes a brief mention to Happy Time Temp Agency, where George Lass works on Dead Like Me. There have also been the reappearances of brands throughout the shows, like Lil’ Ivey's Cocktail Cherries originating in Wonderfalls and then appearing in Pushing Daisies. 

And besides these blatant references, lots of actors have returned in Fuller shows as very similar characters, and fans imagine these as sort of reinterpretations. For example, Ellen Muth first played Georgia Lass on Dead Like Me and then Georgia Madchen on Hannibal. In Dead Like Me, she dies in the first episode and becomes a grim reaper type character, and in Hannibal, she's a serial killer who is convinced she's actually dead. 


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