10 TV Shows You Should Be Watching Right Now

The current standouts of Peak TV.

Dark Netflix

There is a ridiculous amount of television to watch at the moment. With the traditional networks, cable channels, and streaming services all vying for our attention and to outdo each other, there's a wealth of supposedly 'must watch' TV that borders on the obscene.

It's too much for any one person to hope to get through, and choosing what to watch next can be daunting: what if, while you're watching one Big Thing, you're missing out on an Even Bigger Thing?

That's where this, hopefully, comes in. With just under 500 scripted TV shows airing in 2017 and a similar figure likely to be reached this year, it's handy to know just how to wade through the muddy waters of Peak TV. The point here isn't to simply list the best TV shows of the last 12 months, but instead those that are on-air now, have just finished, or are either a dominant part of the cultural conversation right now or about to be.

So yes, hot take, Game of Thrones and Stranger Things are good, but since they won't be back until 2019, there's little point reinforcing that now. These shows deserve your attention instead.


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