10 Underrated Current Crime TV Shows You Need To Be Watching

10. The Mechanism


With Narcos evolving into one of Netflix’s tentpole shows, you would think a follow-up series by the streaming service and a key creative force behind it - director and producer Jose Padilha - would be a much-hyped deal. Yet, the first season of this Brazilian crime thriller quietly came and went internationally, and had a polarising reception at home due to its examination of an ongoing political scandal.

It's the flip-side to Padilha's Elite Squad movies, with those focused on the front-line of the corrupt Brazilian police force. Whilst this looks at the other side of the desk, unveiling the pit of bureaucracy that a police task force has to sift through to get justice.

It's not always an easy show to embrace, as a myriad of exposition and dense relationships are thrown at us with little time to breath. Luckily, it's anchored by a trio of fantastic performances; Selton Mello as the obsessive and broken crusader, Enrique Diaz as the laid-back antagonist, and Caroline Abras as Mello’s persistent successor who walks head-first into a thankless battle.

It can be slow-burn and talky, but due to its connections to a presently-happening drama, it makes for a baffling examination of real-world corruption that rings true and makes for fascinating viewing.

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