10 Unforgettable Breaking Bad Moments

Baddd Already hailed widely as the greatest television series ever, AMC's epic drama Breaking Bad is loaded with memorable scenes. Some moments are notable for their cinematography, some for their dialogue and character development, some for the humour they displayed, and yet others for how they played with viewer expectations. To celebrate this most awesome of awesome TV shows, here are ten of the most unforgettable moments from the series, in order of appearance;

10. Roof Pizza (Season 3, Episode 2)

In this scene, Walt storms out of his house after having the door closed in his face by Skyler. Frustrated, he tosses a party pizza onto the roof of his house; an act that reportedly required only one take to accomplish. Cranston told Jimmy Kimmel in 2011 that this was one of his favorite scenes. And the "Pizza of Destiny" outtake from the season 3 bluray -- where Cranston does a voiceover claiming that pizza has been "for generations bound by the merciless shackles of gravity" -- is nothing short of hilarious. One can only imagine the look on Skyler's face as she's standing in the driveway trying to dislodge this massive pizza from its perch with a broom.

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