10 Utterly Awful TV Finales That Completely Ruined The Show

1. Chuck

chuck poster This is definitely the show that really deserves the number one spot on this list. I feel like a lot of people forget about this show's existence and I honestly wish I were one of those people. I feel very deeply about this show, it was funny, loving, exciting, and it had great storytelling. Witnessing the relationship of Chuck and Sarah develop over the course of an entire five season series was completely ruined and felt pointless after the finale. The end involved Sarah forcibly having her memories of Chuck removed from her brain, leaving her to forget about him and then Chuck saves her and she ends up not knowing who he is. The final scene is the two of them together on a beach with Chuck trying to get Sarah to start over with him and she agrees. I understand wanting to keep your finales fresh and different from the others but did they really think this was the best way to end this? They had at least a full year to plan this finale and they threw it away on the dumbest piece of crap ending I have ever seen. I will never watch this show again because anytime I see Sarah and Chuck being flirty on screen I will end up sitting there screaming "BUT WHAT'S THE POINT THOUGH" at my television. Leave a comment below and let me know if YOU think I forgot something and what you think of this list! This is a list of my own personal opinions and you are welcome to tell me what your own personal list would be!
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