10 Ways Game Of Thrones Has Been "Ruined" Before The Finale

Why some fans really aren't happy with HBO's flagship show...


Game Of Thrones is now one of the most divisive shows on TV thanks to a final season that simply hasn't gone how fans have wanted it to. While lots of fans are still massively enthusiastic about the show, the existence of the petition asking HBO to remake the final season says a lot about the split in the fanbase. And it's important to offer some thoughts on why that division has happened.

Behold, the counterpoint to the WhatCulture's Game Of Thrones writers who think the show is still great...

Perhaps we should have all seen this coming since the beginning; in the same way that Bran Stark was thrown out the window at the end of episode 1, the writers of Game of Thrones are now throwing 7 seasons of character development and great writing out the window. We are just one episode away from Game of Thrones' final episode yet the show has sunk to depths far below what many even thought possible.

The action has been spectacular with the immense budget clearly being used well but it is not enough to save this trainwreck of a season. While most of the earlier seasons were slow and gave viewers time to breathe and understand the characters, this season has been almost relentless in its constant battles interspersed with unearned moments of fan service that are ruined later on by terrible writing decisions.


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