10 Ways The Orville Is More Star Trek Than Discovery

10. TV-PG


Traditionally, Star Trek has been the kind of series that you could watch with the whole family without worrying too much about inappropriate themes. The Orville continues that tradition, while Star Trek: Discovery takes a hard turn in the other direction.

After the first set of Discovery episodes, the audience has already seen the crushed bodies of both Starfleet and Klingon officers, two F-bombs, naked Klingon sex, corpse piles, throats being slit, surgical implement torture, and what appears to have been the rape of a prisoner by his captors. In short, it’s been a rough half-season.

As a comparison, viewers of The Orville have thus far seen: blue alien ejaculate (which stains, apparently), a culturally required sex change, a plague, and blood-thirsty cannibals, and the hilarious severing and eventual regrowth of a crew member’s leg. It’s been an interesting half-season.


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