10 Weird Early Performances By The Walking Dead Actors

Your favourite Walking Dead stars' early careers exposed.

It doesn't always use them to their fullest and has a unfortunate habit of bumping half of them off, but The Walking Dead has one of the best ensemble casts on television. Granted, it's nearest competitor is fellow AMC show Mad Men €“ and besides that, most television ensembles are in comedies, cop shows or soap operas €“ but still. That's saying a lot with that competition. From the surprisingly convincing American accent by plummy Brit Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes to B-movie actor Norman Reedus putting in the real acting chops as Daryl Dixon, from pop singer Emily Kinney stretching her talents as Beth to the evolving talents of Chandler Riggs as Carl, it's a strong bunch. What's most surprising is that, for the most part, the stars of The Walking Dead aren't big names. There may be a couple of €œhey, it's that guy!€ amongst them (specifically Lincoln, the psychopathic stalker-cum-videographer in Love Actually), but for the most part? They're just jobbing actors who've finally hit the big time. Which also means that before their big zombie break, they appeared in a lot of strange, terrible productions. From teen soaps to comic movies to hockey ducks, here are the ten weirdest early performances by The Walking Dead's stars.

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