10 Worst TV Performances Of 2017

The worst Iron Fist ever.

Iron Fist Finn Jones

The Golden Age of TV has reached an incredible apex over the last few years, with Netflix revolutionising the medium while the likes of HBO, AMC and FX continue to step up with enticing offerings on actual television.

While the surge in content ensures just about everyone has a backlog of shows they're never going to get through, it also means that, for every great new series, there's going to be at least a few questionable offerings, and to that end, some less-than-stellar performances.

Though not every show on this list was bad, these performances were dull, misjudged and distracting enough to temporarily make you forget that fact. Across the breadth of 2017's grand buffet of television, actors' work never fell as embarrassingly flat as it did with these 10 acting displays.

A bad performance in a 90-minute movie is one thing, but an offputting turn in a long-form TV show will often be enough to make you swear off the series entirely, as was certainly the case with at least a few of these...

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