10 Worst TV Shows Of 2018 (So Far)

TV was a mistake.

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It's often said that we're currently living through the Golden Age of TV, and with networks both conventional and otherwise offering up more content than ever before, there's simply not enough time in a day to watch every acclaimed HBO drama and Netflix documentary.

With that in mind, there's definitely not enough time for these 10 shows either, which represent the year's laziest, most cynical and straight-up ill-conceived programs aired so far.

From virtually laughless comedies to misguided, overwrought dramas, these shows largely defied even the slightest hint of promise - assuming they had any in the first place - serving up underwhelming "entertainment" that needed to try so, so much harder.

The year is only half-way home, of course, so there's still plenty of time for some new fall shows to stake out their own awful claims, but until then, these are the low-effort, high-concept shows you should most certainly avoid lest you crave some perverse, so-bad-it's-good amusement...

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