100 Reasons Why Lost is The Greatest TV Show Of All Time

99. Rousseau

Since the first time we heard her voice on the walkie; Rousseau cut an elusive figure. The tragic loss of her child affected her to the extent she was no longer quite all there in the head; and whilst she was never one of the main characters whenever she did appear. You knew something important was about to kick off.

98. Hurley Is Interrogated By Doctor Chang

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUSQOBS5Oqg Even in the most desperately intense situations, Lost finds a way to be funny and this one of the most funny scenes it has, especially when juxtaposed with the mad energy that surrounds them.

97. S6E07: Dr. Linus

One of the best character episodes that Lost provides, this episode makes us feel once and for all that Ben is a character worth loving, even after all the hell he puts people through. This isn€™t so much an episode that tries to make us come to terms with Ben, its Ben trying to come to terms with himself and his acceptance of his flaws rounds him as a character. His genuine emotion and love for his daughter is a moving revelation in the flash sideways as he gives up power for her; something he never seemed to be able to do on the Island. Similarly in one of the shows stand out scenes; Jack convinces Richard they are here for a reason by how the lit dynamite doesn€™t go off. This is bold, exciting and a final confirmation as Jack€™s new found belief.

96. Richard Alpert

A character that questions surrounded, Richard was a great addition to the cast. His knowledge was invaluable to the progression of the shows key elements and his constant presence gave the show a clear sense of place when the Island started moving through time. His back story was one that the show could have done without, but was touching nonetheless and helped shape his desire towards the end of the series where he realised living was worthwhile; and that he should go do it rather than waiting around for purpose to take him.

95. S5E06: 316

Ever since Jack€™s desperate cries of €˜We have to go back€™, and the series of flash forwards the fans had been left wondering just how they got back to the Island. Enter; 316. A whirlwind of an episode that unites the Oceanic 6 for their Ajira flight back to the Island and, perhaps most poignantly, is the beginning of Jack€™s transition from a man of science to a man of faith. There€™s also the final image of Jin in the Dharma Initiative jump suit; something that sent everyone€™s minds racing.

94. Birth Of The Smoke Monster

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQTPtqwYciQ Whilst Across The Sea is a long way away from one of my favourite episodes; it€™s enduring image is the creation of the smoke monster. An aspect of the show which had been there from the first episode and had come to define the shows mystery and out there approach; seeing The Smoke Monster for the first time in its existence was something the fans were owed; and were given.

93. Jack and Sawyer

These two were as up and down as a single, hormonal woman on Valentine€™s Day. Theirs was a relationship which often danced around hatred, was often funny and ended with a mutual respect for one another as they moved on together. Possibly most loved for the scene from Exodus where Sawyer tells Jack his dad loved him; these two were a great source of bubbling tension, entertainment and sometimes were quite touching.

92. Jack and Sawyer Play Poker

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dHNg6XRZ70 For a duo who never truly got to confront one another in the opening series€™, this was akin to Christmas for Lost fans who got to see a funny confrontation between two characters you knew were one day going to beat each other up.

91. The Supporting Cast

From people who were in it every now and then to people who had one line; Lost never had a low quality actor/actress in the show. This is imperative with a central cast so strong that you need the supporting players in flashbacks/flashforwards/recurring roles equally as strong to keep the show believable. http://whatculture.com/tv/100-reasons-why-lost-is-the-greatest-tv-show-of-all-time.php

90. Sawyer Teaches Jin English

SEE VIDEO HERE Just pure comedy, from Jin speaking Sawyer€™s misogynist sentences to Hurley€™s delivery of €˜Red..Neck..MAN!€™, this is a scene which brings the comedy to Lost which was always needed in their desperate trials and tribulations.

89. The Man In Black

An interesting development in the series€™ mythology was the introduction of this man, Jacob€™s brother and enemy, through his several forms he kept us interested and asking questions; until of course his goals became clear and you looked over all of his actions with a keener eye. The character€™s goals were deadly enough to wish us all for his demise; yet his desire for freedom and escape was similar to that of the survivors and therefore he was a character you couldn€™t help but empathise with.

88. Thomas The Apostle Speech

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOQxO5cihKQ A personal highlight of mine (which probably isn€™t a good justification for it being on this list but hey, I wrote it, screw you), Jack€™s slow transition to a man of faith had already been beginning and this speech from Ben was a strong indication of what was to come. €˜And was he?€™ €˜Of course, we€™re all convinced sooner or later Jack.€™

87. S3E01: A Tale of Two Cities

Series 3 brought with it the promise of exploring the world of the others, and it didn€™t disappoint. This episode gave new insight into their, very civilised, world and the powers they have. They had life stories of the people that crashed; a hidden agenda they didn€™t want to divulge and Henry Gale...Who€™s actually called Ben. Another slow burner of an episode but, as far as season openers go, it seamlessly introduces new characters and new storylines for us to follow. It€™s a solid opening which gave us much to look forward to.

86. The Numbers

I€™m entirely certain that no-one who has watched and played the lottery hasn€™t tried the numbers; at least once. From their rather low key introduction these numbers became an increasingly important part of Lost mythology, whilst also allowing us to play a €˜spot the reference€™ game throughout most of the series.

85. S1E04: Walkabout

Our first exploration of the mysterious John Locke; this episode brings with it huge implications and foreshadowing of the rest of the series. Locke€™s spiritual connection with the island becomes a little bit more apparent, as does the islands ability to heal people; giving us all the knowledge that this Island, this place, is different.

84. €˜Don€™t Mistake Coincidence For Fate€™

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWYkTvHedqQ A line that throws up a lot of questions (is he saying things are coincidence, or things are fate?) and was a famous one which appeared throughout the series numerous times. Again it was another important line in shaping the tone of the show and some of its themes by raising the questions of fate and coincidence.

83. Jacob

A mysterious figure and one riddled with importance, it€™s a testimony to how solid the writing is that Jacob felt like a strong central character from mid season-three, and you didn€™t actually see him until the ending of Season 5. His actions were somewhat questionable, yet his intentions noble, despite the fact he brought these people to the island and so many of them suffered because of it it€™s difficult to dislike the man whose main goal was to give people, who were Lost before they got there, direction.

82. Jack Believes In Destiny

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2r-yvHFuMH4 For the lovers of Jack, for which I am most definitely one, this is a huge moment in his progression as he states categorically how he believes in destiny, one of the shows major themes and something he always vehemently denied existed. Seeing him say this, and be filled with belief, is a huge transitional moment and one of the shows most impactful.

81. Sayid and Shannon

One of the more surprising relationships to emerge from the island yet one important in the development of the characters; Sayid managed to give Shannon the belief she never had and her untimely death kept Sayid on the edge of darkness which was the more enthralling part of his character.

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