100 Reasons Why Lost is The Greatest TV Show Of All Time

80. S6E04The Substitute

On this list purely for its big reveal of why the survivors are on this island; to replace Jacob. Also this gives relevance to the numbers which have been haunting us since series one and is one of the shows more concise; answer filled episodes.

79. Charlie Says Goodbye to Aaron and Claire

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHW2qcUYMdE This scene is made impactful by people€™s knowledge, and Charlie€™s, that they are never going to see one another again and Charlie is losing the two people he cares for the most.

78. S2E01: Man Of Science, Man Of Faith

Season two was probably the weakest of all series of Lost, but the strongest section of this series was the opening. What was really one episode split in to three by the interweaving narratives, Man Of Science, Man of Faith (up until Orientation) were a truly brilliant series of episodes which introduced Desmond, put the themes of science and faith on a table for us to see and brought the Dharma Initiative in to the frame. Perhaps what was so captivating about the opening of Series 2 was its understatement, many expected something to explode out of the hatch, but instead its delicate, multi-layered question asking kept it constantly captivating and brought the show up another level as you learn that these people, are most definitely not the only people on the island. The burgeoning conflict between Locke and Jack is another spicy development brought to us in the series two opener as Jack€™s unrelenting disbelief in, well, belief makes for captivating viewing as he tries to comprehend what the hatch actually is. Series two may have been weak, but the opening to it was Lost at it€™s very, very best.

77. Ben and Alex

Odd to feel sympathy for a relationship which started with kidnap and €˜ended€™ with a compliance to murder. However Ben and Alex, whilst not always the most loving together, had genuine affection for one another and Alex€™s role kept Ben approachable as a character; as she helped show that he did have feelings and bring him a peaceful conclusion in the afterlife.

76. It€™s Legacy

It€™s difficult to pinpoint this as a good or bad thing, however there has been quite a bit of a scorched land effect since Lost. Heroes didn€™t last when it tried to match Lost€™s scope and style, Alcatraz was a fabled JJ Abrams production which didn€™t take off. V was cancelled after two series. Fringe, despite being the second best TV show in the Lost era, has failed to engage large audiences and is playing out it€™s half-length 5th season. One thing can be drawn from this is that Lost changed things, it raised the bar of standard television shows, whilst box office channels like HBO can give huge production values to their programmes which make it more impressive, Lost was a mainstream programme that engaged and wondered millions consistently due to the scope, the brilliance and its originality. Since then no new show has really managed to take the reins from Lost, which shows you just how impressive it is.

75. Locke€™s Man of Science, Man of Faith Speech

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxIUJgRsC9U One of the clearest indications in the first series as to the path the show will take; Locke embracing this idea of purpose, fate and destiny is a theme that runs throughout the show and is very important when it comes to the finale. Also important in building the rivalry between Locke and Jack, as well as Jack€™s stance on destiny. This is widely regarded as one of the most important scenes in Lost.

74. S6E14: The Candidate

One of the most shocking and finest episodes in Lost€™s run; this episode had everything. Action; emotion; revelations this was an adrenaline ride as grand as any season finale. Finally revealing the true intentions of the Man In Black as well as uniting us in a move to kill him this episode gave the show a clear following direction. The death of Sayid was a masterstroke, his character had been plodding along waiting to recover the good he had been convinced he had lost and his death here did that; bringing a perfect ending to his character. This is overshadowed slightly by the death of Jin and Sun which is possibly the most heart-wrenching moment in the show as not only does it unite their desires to finally be together in a manner as pure and loving as when they first met, but it also is a brutally heart breaking scene which you can€™t help but love because, even though they die, they die together. And together is all they ever wanted to be.

73. Sun Kwon

Loved mainly for her story-arch in the first three seasons which saw her trying to re-establish a relationship with a husband she used to love. Sun€™s story appeared tragic to begin with, a trod upon wife in a relationship with no love, but she evolved as all Lost characters do and showed us that not all character is without sin and Sun could be considered just as bad as her husband. Her narrative tailed off after her and Jin were separated, but the reconnection of those two€™s love is one of the more heart warming stories told on the Island.

72. Hurley and Libby

A brutally short love story famous for giving us the Hurley moment that makes most people with souls cry; theirs was a short lived romance but one that people look on fondly. Especially considering their connection in Series 6 helps bring clarity to what the alternate reality actually is.

71. The Effects

For a mainstream TV show, the effects were excellent. Granted there is a lot more money in American Television than British, but the shows design and digital effects were seamless and managed to make things which should seem ridiculous, a column of black smoke for example, look realistic and menacing.

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