11 Annoying Mistakes You Never Noticed In Game Of Thrones

4. Dany Hates Slaves But Keeps Slaves Anyway


Dany had long been an advocate for freeing slaves. It is what her entire story revolves around €“- she travels to different places in Essos and frees the slaves. Surely however her consort could be considered as slaves.

Missandei is €œgiven€ to Dany as a present when she BUYS the Unsullied, and her Khalasar do her bidding without any question. It€™'s not as though Dany mistreats her people or binds them in shackles, but nor is she completely without blame. We know that Dany didn'€™t actually buy the Unsullied, but she went along with the pretence of such anyway.

She freed them and then they chose to follow her anyway. Which is fair enough. Yet in season four when Grey Worm and Missandei begin to exhibit feelings for one another Dany quickly shoots them down. Dany doesn€™'t care for any of her people as individuals, and rather only keeps them around her so that they can continue to things for her.


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