11 First Look Images From Upcoming TV Shows

10. Catherine The Great

Catherine The Great Helen Mirren

Having played Queens Elizabeth I, Elizabeth II, Charlotte, and even Snow, Dame Helen Mirren is once again tackling the role of royalty. This time she's moving away from the British monarchs, though, and instead to Russian Empress Catherine the Great.

Catherine ruled Russia from 1762-1796, following a coup d'état when her husband died, and under her reign the nation grew to become recognised as one of the greatest powers in Europe.

The four-part miniseries, a co-production from HBO and Sky, will chart the latter years of her reign as she revitalised Russia. Pictured here in her chambers, Mirren certainly looks the part, and it looks like being the kind of grandiose, opulent contender to The Crown's, er, crown. Support comes from the likes of Jason Clarke and Rory Kinnear, with the series likely to hit in 2019.


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