11 Forgotten Christmas Specials You Probably Haven't Seen

The greatest Christmas specials that have sadly faded out of memory...

Unless you're very old, there are dozens, possibly hundreds of Christmas specials that you've missed, either because you didn't think you'd care for it, or more likely, they only ran a single time, possibly before you were ever born, and never again (for good reason.) Sometimes they were terrible, or just Seemed Like A Good Idea (and decidedly weren't,) while some may have just been dated before they were even finished: for whatever reason, Christmas specials vanish more often than species of spider in the Amazon. A lot of these one-shot-wonders are getting new life on DVD and content-desperate classic TV cable channels, but not all. So to cherish those that remain lost, or at least under-loved, we're looking back at a few, for better or worse. And no, there's no place for The Star Wars Holiday Special, because if you actually wanted to see it, you probably have.
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