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Sometimes less is definitely more. It applies to horror stories. The unknown is often more frightening than anything you could have conjured up in your head. It applies to a really good drama. Just look at the interplay between Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham in Hannibal. Their banter is played so low key it is utterly gripping. You don’t need the title character grinning fiendishly behind the FBI’s back every two seconds.

It also pplies to music. Murray Gold, I love what you come up with but sometimes it is so loud on Doctor Who I can barely hear what is being said. You don’t need to tell us how to feel. I can do that myself.

And sometime it applies to characters themselves. Sometimes you don’t even need to see them at all. Wait…how can that be so? Surely you need to see the characters on screen to engage with them?

Well sometimes television does something wonderful. It creates characters that are great purely by how other characters relate to them. Perhaps it is just a voice. Perhaps it’s the character’s on screen description of this man or woman that sounds so intriguing; a physical appearance could never live up to what is in our heads.

Imagination is a great thing and like my note of horror movies, what we come up is often better than anything writers, producers and directors could ever produce on screen. Allow me to take you through a tour of television history as I present 11 great TV characters who you never actually got to see!

Warning – if you haven’t seen the show – there may be spoilers…

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This article was first posted on September 3, 2013