11 Reasons The Big Bang Theory Is The Worst Thing On TV

3. It Has A Real Problem With Writing For Women

Big Bang Theory Penny Amy Bernadette

I'm really not sure I can get on board with a show which has absolutely no problem with making a storyline of Penny being made to feel bad for having slept with roughly 30 guys. The word 'slut' is chucked about with gay abandon. It's all very unedifying. The fact that Penny apparently out-earns Leonard these days is sort of back-handed - it's all because she's given up on her own silly, girlish dreams of being an actress and moved into the heavily masculinised world of science and pharmaceuticals.

Add to that the fact that Amy and Bernadette are largely presented as being borderline psychotic in their own hackneyed ways (Amy, the greasy four-eyed naif; Bernadette, the sweet-but-possessive-and-violent one), and the fact that any normal women have enough sense to only hang around for a few episodes before leaving this deeply troubled gang to their own bizarre devices. Can you blame them?


Holding midfielder; can get forward. Decent engine.