11 Simple Fixes That Would Have Saved Marvel's Iron Fist

Iron Fist vs an immortal dragon? Yes please!

Iron Fist Trial Shao Lao
Netflix/Marvel Comics

By now, most people will have made their way through Marvel's Iron Fist (or, seeing the reaction, decided not to bother). The dust from all those knocked down walls (which is about the only thing the Iron Fist is used for) has started to settle, and what's left behind is a bit of a mess.

Iron Fist has been the first major critical failure for the Netflix Marvel Universe, lambasted for everything from its decision to cast a white actor in the lead role to the terrible writing, and referred to as "laughably bad".

Since then, the people involved in the show have went on the defensive. Finn Jones blamed Donald Trump, the original creator of the character made some old-white-man-is-racist remarks, and the 'fan v critic' debate (long the defender of the DCEU) has came over to Marvel, despite the fact the two things are very much *not* exclusive.

Behind all this, though, is a semblance of a potentially solid show. After all, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage were all hits, so why not Iron Fist? My review has already covered the things it did well and got wrong, but with a few relatively simple tweaks, it might not necessarily have been great, but it certainly could've avoided the disaster it's become.


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