11 TV Moments Everyone Was Waiting For (That Never Happened)

When Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead were all tease and no sex.


Nothing can damage a TV show quite so much as its audience's expectations. Especially in the post-Lost era of theorising and speculating online about every minor detail, and with so much work put into predicting what's going to happen, most viewers like to think they're clued up on their favourite TV show, and it can be disappointing when something doesn't go to your specific plan.

Furthermore, there are moments that are gradually built up to and actively teased, either across a season or even a series, that outright demand a payoff. Most people wanted Ross and Rachel to get together, for Walter White to get his comeuppance, and for Sam Seaborn to rejoin the West Wing team, and when they happened they were fist-pumping moments of triumph.

But then there are some moments that are hinted at and setup, only to either take place off-screen or never happen at all. The reasons could be purely logistical, such as scheduling conflicts or even cancellation, or they could be a result of the showrunners subverting fans' expectations. Either way, when it came to these moments we were waiting and waiting, and then... nothing.


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