12 Actors Who Screwed Up Their Big TV Chances By Getting Fired

9. Brett Butler - Grace Under Fire

In 1993, Grace Under Fire premiered, starring Brett Butler as a single, working class mother of three struggling to raise her children post divorce. Behind the scenes, things were not so good. Jon Paul Steuer, who played Butler's oldest son, Quentin, abruptly left the series after the third season. Nothing was ever officially confirmed, but rumors circulated that Steuer's mother pulled him off the show after Butler flashed her breasts at the twelve year old actor. More cast members began leaving the show citing Butler's behavior, and the show started taking a nose dive in the ratings. At the same time, Butler was fighting an addiction to pain medication. Butler entered rehab shortly before the fifth season was due to start production, pushing back the premiere date until November. Once back on set, Butler struggled to remain sober, and morale failed to improve on set due to Butler's continued erratic behavior. Butler relapsed during the holidays and, though the producers of the show wished to continue, ABC had become impatient with Butler's behavior. ABC cancelled Grace Under Fire abruptly that February.
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