12 Best British Sitcoms Of All Time

Laughing all the way to the BAFTAs.


It’s been an argument for a while now. America vs Britain. Who does TV better? More over, who does sitcoms better?

Of course it’s a difficult one to argue, and not just because of how different the respective senses of humour are. America dishes out shows left, right and centre, at the same time as making their own remakes of British series. Over the pond though we have relatively little to offer each year compared to our U.S counterparts.

But are the sitcoms really of a higher quality? Sure, you have modern greats like Community, and beloved classics like Friends. People get obsessive about these shows, and there’s way more hype around it all when it’s put in comparison for the British sitcoms on offer.

However, over the years it’s arguable that the sitcoms the UK has put out have been far superior. For an example look no further than The Inbetweeners and then The Inbetweeners U.S.

So to equal the playing field, here's the best of British, all of which stand against anything America has to offer, and deserve a place in the comedy hall of fame.


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