12 Emotional TV Moments That Made Us All Cry In 2013

Deaths, heart-breaking endings and happiness combined to turn 2013’s TV into an emotional rollercoaster…

Steve Picciotti



There’s a now famous meme that’s flooded every Facebook and Tumblr feed for months now that says “Step 1: Lie down. Step 2: Try not to cry. Step 3: Cry a lot.” It is particularly pertinent for TV fans in 2013, which was little more than a complete emotional roller coaster from start to finish, with even the happiest moments ended up causing some serious tears.

In a tumultuous 12 months, we saw the end of Heisenberg’s empire business, three Doctor regenerations(four if you count Matt Smith’s two-scene regeneration), and a merciless beheading of a fan favorite, among other things. Our heartstrings were devastatingly pulled, and memorable moment were created at the same time, and that is the true power of television drama.

Empires crumbled, an entire town and its inhabitants disappeared, and most of all, people died; some of them came back, some didn’t. In spite of all that sadness, love was found, life went on and old friends returned, but all had one thing in common: they made us cry, and many of these scenes that helped to fuel the fire of what is now being called the golden age of television.

Out of all these year-defining moments we’ve found the twelve most gut wrenching, whether happy or sad (let’s face it, though; mostly sad). These moments either made us jump for joy or wail inconsolably at our TV sets, and provided us with one hell of a 2013 for television drama.

Let’s begin, and be warned, naturally, that there are SPOILERS WITHIN…