12 Game Of Thrones Characters Who Are STILL AWOL

Can someone just fit Gendry with a tracker, please?

Game Of Thrones Missing

It's fair to say that the final season of Game Of Thrones has a lot to do. There are multiple balls in the air what with the Civil War between the Targaryen/Stark alliance and the Lannisters (or at least one of them, anyway) and the forthcoming White Walker decimation of Westeros. There's also the chance of seeing an incesturous ice dragon child and every other individual story coming to a resolution too.

To think they've got to do all of that in just six episodes - even feature-length ones - is astonishing and you have to worry a little that some of the balls might be dropped. Or ignored entirely.

And on top of those big stories, there are characters who still need to come back into the show after absences to wrap up their own stories. Because there aren't any cogs in this great game that don't work precisely with all of the other ones. In other words, there are no throw-aways in HBO's flagship show, so you have to suspect that the AWOL characters WILL come back.

So who specifically might we get to see return in the final season? Or who needs to, anyway?

12. Edmure Tully

Edmure Tully Game Of Thrones

Last Seen: Turning on the Blackfish at Riverrun and making the soldiers sworn to him surrender to Jaime Lannister in exchange for the promise of being reunited with his family. Walder Frey later confirmed he was back in the cells at the Twins.

Tully was unfortunately used as a pawn in the Frey's attempts to grab more power, and while he was protected from being murdered by them thanks to his marriage into the family, it can't have been a good existence. All he wanted was to live with his family in semi-comfort (as promised by Jaime), but it looks like he didn't even get that and is probably still rotting in a cell.

Could He Return?

It would be interesting to see Edmure answer to whichever Starks survive the Great Game for the betrayal of his family, but his story isn't exactly relevant any more. Hence him apparently being entirely forgotten when Arya took out the Freys.

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