12 Hugely Disappointing Seasons Of Beloved TV Shows

12. South Park Season 20

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South Park is arguably the best cartoon of all time (sorry Simpsons) and has served up pure comedy gold for over 20 years, but recently the show has been less consistent. Season 19, which told a serialized story, was brilliant and felt like the start of a new golden age for the show, which is why season 20 was a major disappointment.

Where season 19 told an interesting story while also allowing each episode to stand on its own, season 20 took the serialization a bit too far. It's far from the worst season of the show, but it was the most disappointing.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker wrote the season assuming Hilary Clinton would win but when Donald Trump (Mr Garrison) was elected, they had to hastily rework the story and the last few episodes felt unfocused as a result, with many story-lines not even being properly resolved. There were other issues as well; it was too focused on mocking Trump, it was often bloated and lacked enough balance between action and comedy. Also, what the hell was up with Cartman being so nice?

Stone and Parker have expressed regret over this season and returned to the more gentle serialized style of season 19 for the next run of episodes. Season 21 worked out overall, even if it wasn't the strongest season of the show's run, so thankfully South Park is more or less back on track now.

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