12 Most Rewatchable TV Shows Of All Time

1. Friends

Friends The One With The Embryos

Most of NBC's Must See TV line-up could also be classed as Must See AGAIN TV, as could its forebearer Cheers, but the cream of the crop - especially in terms of watching over and over again - is Friends.

Whether it's the routine rewatches that occurred on E4 in the UK, endless binges on Comedy Central or now Netflix, there's no TV show easier to 'just stick on' than Friends. It's the warmest, most comfortable series imaginable, but with plenty of humour to go with it.

Even when you've seen the episodes multiple times they're rewarding, as you find yourself laughing at different parts or simply the same old jokes, relating to different characters in new ways, and, quite simply, hanging out with your oldest and dearest friends. It never fails to be hilarious, sometimes touching, always heartfelt viewing. You might put it on in the background, but you'll soon be sucked back in.

Could it BE any more rewatchable?

Which TV shows do you think are the most rewatchable? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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