12 Shocking TV Deaths You Never Saw Coming

1. Ned Stark (Game Of Thrones)


This entire list could have been comprised of Game of Thrones deaths, so whittling it down to just two was a challenge, but is there anything more surprising than seeing a TV show bump off its main character?

Okay, so it's not exactly out of the blue if you've read George RR Martin's massive tomes, but there's no way those who only discovered the brutal joys of Westeros via the TV series saw one this coming.

Fan naivety came to a bloody end with the execution of Eddard Stark in the penultimate episode of season one. Even Sean Bean's track record of on-screen survival didn't prepare them for this.

Ned was a crucial character throughout Game of Thrones' debut series, to the point where it was almost difficult to imagine the show working without him. Six epic series on from this point and it's safe to say those fears were unfounded.


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