12 Shocking TV Deaths You Never Saw Coming

12. Debra Morgan (Dexter)


Dexter fans were widely expecting the series to end with their favourite serial killer either behind bars or on the wrong end of a lethal injection, but season eight's finale threw them a wicked curveball.

The show's penultimate fatality was one nobody saw coming, the protagonist's sister Debra Morgan, who dies in hospital from complications related to a gunshot would.

Dexter's writers were particularly cruel with Deb's fate, luring viewers into a false sense of security by having the doctors who treated her offer a positive prognosis. One depressing twist later and a post-surgery blood clot has left her braindead.

Although Oliver Saxon, the man behind the shooting, received payback in the form of a pen to the neck, there's a lingering sense of injustice around her passing, and it still stings today. Why couldn't it have been Dexter or Hannah McKay, both of whom were responsible for untold bloodshed, instead of poor, innocent Deb?

One thing's for sure, though, killing off somebody else instead would only have been less shocking and gut-wrenching.


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