12 Worst TV Shows Of 2017 (So Far)

The MCU hits its first hurdle.

Iron Fist Danny Rand Finn Jones

The year is already half-way done, and though 2017 has certainly been an embarrassment of riches as far as top-notch TV is concerned, from Big Little Lies to Fargo, American Gods, House of Cards, Twin Peaks, Orange is the New Black and GLOW to name just a few, there's also been a fair share of duds too.

Not every show can or should be a Game of Thrones-sized hit, but these 12 shows nevertheless absolutely failed in their goals, either ambitious or totally not. And for the most part, were swiftly cancelled as general audience interest quickly dwindled.

There's surely still plenty of trash to come for the remainder of the year, but it'll be tough to match the tawdriness of these cynical, lazy, and downright laughable TV shows...

12. Powerless

Powerless Vanessa Hudgens

Despite touting an imaginative concept and likeable cast, superhero sitcom Powerless ultimately ended up a woefully underwhelming monument to squandered potential.

With a lazy, low-effort, template-driven approach to writing and a general failure to engage with the DC Universe in an intriguing way, this was total "switch your brain off" fodder, but still rather cringe-worthy even with that qualifier in mind.

Alan Tudyk, who was trying much harder here than he really should have, especially deserved better material, but Vanessa Hudgens also proved surprisingly decent as the lead.

The worst thing to say about Powerless is that it just wasn't very funny, reflected in its fast-plummeting ratings, which resulted in NBC pulling the plug after just nine episodes.


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