13 Worst TV Shows Of 2017

1. 9JKL

9JKL Mark Feuerstein

Awful though Imaginary Mary was, there's one show that went one step further in 2017, and that's the sitcom to end all sitcoms, the horribly-monikered 9JKL.

Mark Feuerstein stars as a struggling actor living in an adjacent apartment to his parents and his brother's family, resulting in a ton of kooky and totally not annoying, embarrassing or creepy hi-jinks.

Pretty much the template of a bland, lazy sitcom, 9JKL bashes the viewer over the head with its aggressive laugh track, lowest common denominator writing and sleepwalking performances. The brilliant Elliot Gould, who plays Feuerstein's dad, deserves so much better than this.

If you can make it through more than two episodes without surrendering your will to live, all the more power to you, because this viewer certainly didn't. The first five minutes alone are loaded with more blatant exposition than an entire season of 24.


Which 2017 TV shows did you hate the most? Shout them out in the comments!

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