15 Best TV Moments Of 2017

Moments to break the internet, and our heart.

Game of Thrones Bronn

It may be over, but 2017 will linger long in the memory for a variety of reasons. And while there may be a number of more important political and societal reasons, one of them is that it was another great year for TV.

We're living through the era of Peak TV, and that means there was good-to-great television at almost every change of the channel. Netflix ramped up the original content production, and other streaming services strived to match them, while all the usual big hitters delivered again.

There were returning shows that defied all expectations of what they were, and others that managed to be both brilliant and disappointing. New shows, too, delivered surprises, laughs, action, and emotion. And while part of the strength of those shows lay in the entire package, there were single scenes that shone brightest.

There were moments of magic, side-splitting humour, heart-wrenching sadness, those to make you feel good and just as many to make you feel bad, and a few to make you wonder just what the hell was even happening. (Contains spoilers, though not in the headings.)

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