15 Greatest Doctor Who Cliffhangers Of All Time

51 years + 812 episodes = a whole lot of great cliffhangers!

Let's start with some facts. Doctor Who has been running for 51 years, which accounts to 812 episodes. Considering that most of those have been connected with each other, that means there have been a lot of cliffhangers. Many of them have included a companion screaming or a gun being pointed at the Doctor or the monster of the week making their first 'shocking' appearance (even though the episode title probably has their name in it), but there have been several that provided real thrills and made the viewer wish they didn't have to wait until next Saturday to find out what will happen next. Many of the show's most famous moments - Daleks rising from the Thames, Cybermen storming past St Pauls, even the TARDIS' first dematerialisation - come from cliffhangers. These are the moments that shock us, the moments that send the story into exciting new territories and those which burn themselves into our memories in the process. The cliffhangers on this list, then, are really the stuff that Doctor Who is made of. As such, this was a hard list to compile. Due to stiff competition, the Cybermen escaping their tombs, the Ninth Doctor declaring that he will save Rose from the Daleks and the Time Lords' first ever appearance are just some of the great moments that did not find a place on this list. Even the hilarious and unexpected appearance of Santa Claus at the end of Series 8 didn't make it on... and it's nearly Christmas! Well, don't leave yourself hanging. Read on to find out the greatest Doctor Who cliffhangers to date.
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