15 Most Exciting New TV Shows You Need To Watch This Fall

As if Peak TV didn't have enough shows you don't have the time to watch.

Fall TV Shows 2017

May means two things in TV terms: the end of some of your favourite TV shows (either for a few months or for good), and the announcement of all the new series you can expect to struggle to find the time to watch come September.

After all the major networks cleared their desks with a raft of cancellations, last week saw their Upfronts presentations, when they revealed all of their big new fall TV series.

With so many new shows being unveiled, and at early stages, it's not always easy to get a read on things. There will invariably be those that are surprise smash-hits (such as the success of This Is Us), and those that look sure-things but ultimately fail (see Powerless). There are also shows that sound exciting, but have been pushed to mid-season (including the likes of Black Lightning and Josh Radnor--starring Rise).

Some of them do look destined to fail, such as CBS' new sitcom 9JKL, but many should have much brighter futures. Looking through the various trailers and premises that've been released by the networks, there are plenty of shows worth getting excited about, whether it's a solid-looking sitcom or a potentially huge hit.

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