15 Most Exciting New TV Shows You Need To Watch This Fall

15. Alex, Inc (ABC)

What Is It?

A new sitcom from ABC starring Zach Braff and Tiya Sircar. A dramatisation of the hit podcast StartUp, it focuses on TV producer/host Alex Blumberg quitting television to launch podcast network Gimlet Media.

Reasons To Be Excited

Zach Braff, for a start. The Scrubs star is a wonderful sitcom actor, but hasn't had a starring TV role since leaving Sacred Heart behind. He's front and centre of this one, and looks a reliably comedic and likeable presence, while co-star Sircar was excellent on The Good Place. Braff has also produced and directed some episodes, and you can see elements of his movie work in the trailer, which isn't a bad thing, and it's written by Scrubs writer Matt Tarses. The podcast has proven very popular, which bodes well, and the central relationship looks like providing lots of the series' heart and humour.

It might lose some of its meta-humour going from podcast to screen, but the lead duo should have enough to make it work.

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