17 Most Hotly Anticipated New TV Shows Still To Come In 2018

There's still a LOT to look forward to this year.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina
Netflix/Archie Comics

2018 has already been another good year for TV, if not quite as Earth-shakingly great as last year (but given we'd already had The Leftovers Season 3 AND Twin Peaks: The Return by this point, that's to be expected).

Atlanta has given us the clearest display yet of Donald Glover's talents, even more so than This Is America, with the writer/director/star taking his series to strange new heights in its second season, be it a heartbreaking school story or donning whiteface to parody Michael Jackson. HBO's Sharp Objects has provided a satisfyingly strange summer mystery, evoking memories of True Detective in all the best ways. And GLOW is just about the most fun you can have while taking your clothes off and putting spandex on instead.

The next big new series on the way arrives this week, in the form of Amazon's Jack Ryan series, although the John Krasinski vehicle has received mixed reviews. Even beyond that, though, and despite the fact we've had the major awards contenders and there are only three months of the year left, there are still some big things to come on the small screen in 2018.


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