17 Most Paused TV Moments Of 2017

2. The Best Picture Debacle - The Oscars

Oscars 2017 Moonlight Warren Beatty

One of the year's most shocking moments wasn't from a fiction TV show, but rather this year's Academy Awards, where it was announced that La La Land had won the Best Picture Oscar...only for it to be revealed moments later that Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway had been given the wrong envelope, and Moonlight was the actual winner.

It was, of course, a headline-grabbing fiasco where Beatty and Dunaway were initially criticised for the mistake, even though they were ultimately vindicated when the truth outed.

Everyone can agree on one thing, though: La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz took charge of the trainwreck just like a great producer should, and he deserves a mention for that.


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